Wedding bells

Anja Rubik & Sasha Knezevic are getting married this year!!! What beautiful babies they are going to create!

"Knezevic proposed to her in a really foggy night in the middle of the street after they went out to watch the opera Dance of the Vampires Rubik recalls, "Apparently he was carrying the ring around for a while. And that day, we fought all the day long. We were preparing the whole house for Christmas, and there were all these things to be done, and I had to cook, and I had to do this and that and the Christmas decorations... I couldn’t find the ones I liked. So it was totally dramatic the whole day. I thought, ‘I’m going to kill him.’ I was like, ‘I think this was my last Christmas ever’ [with him]. And he said, ‘I picked this day on purpose, because although we have our fights, we’ve been together and ra ra ra ...’ And he’s right." Afterwards, they had dinner on the rooftop of a restaurant building, "...it was really, really nice." They are expecting to have the wedding in May or June. The ring is a gold, Solitaire, Cartier ring."

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