Love, love, love Antonio Marras SS2010.

First Spring

Prada has released a nine-minute black-and-white film by Chinese artist Yang Fudong, which will form the basis of its spring/summer 2010 menswear campaign.

The short features men walking high lines and floating under lace parasols through the streets of Shanghai.

Based on the Chinese idea that the whole year's work depends on a good start in spring, it is said to portray a "timeless, dreamlike realm where anything is possible".

Check it out at Prada.com


Weekend Getaway

Jamie & I are trying to figure out where we want to go for a weekend getaway in March. Any Suggestions? (east coast).


Rain, Rain go away

It is a cold and rainy day in Durham, NC.
I wish it was warm again and I could go outside.


Socks, socks, socks

I have been buying graphic socks non stop lately. My feet are usually claustrophobic and hate closed shoes but it has been so cooled recently. I first started wearing them with my boots, but now I am starting to wear them with my summer sandals. I love it! I can stay warm but dress up my old boring heels with some prints.


A new semester

Well, I just started a new semester at school.
It has been a week of just going over syllabuses,
but I am already exhausted and I'm stressing.


Alison Mosshart

Someone just posted on facebook (a.k.a. bookface) a
link to an old band Discount. I have loved The Kills for
awhile and Alsion in the band so it was a great surprise
to see her back in the day. It's funny how you learn
something completely new from a dumb networking cite.
I hate them all, but I would be clueless without them.
I wouldn't be able to legally stalk friends and keep
tabs on people that I went to high school with.
Annoying, but an essential in all of our lives now.


It's a girl

Congratulations to my sister-in-law Abby!
She is due in February and I can't wait.
My mother-in-law made an amazing strawberry cake.