I hopefully will be an Aunt today!
Hopefully, is the key word.


Little Bit

Lykke Li - Little Bit from Lykke Li on Vimeo.

still grey

"Grey’s my favorite color
Black and white has never been my thing
I’ll take my drink lukewarm now
Hot and cold is not the thing for me."

The temperature was getting all the way up to
60 degrees just two days ago. Now we are going
back to 20 degrees by Friday. Dragggg.


Abbey Lee

God Created Woman in Vogue Australia May 2009.
The model is no other than Abbey Lee Kershaw and
it was photographed by Max Doyle.

longing for the day

Whenever it is cold & rainy outside I always
have to pop in Marie Antoinette (2006).
Besides the fact that I love Sophia Coppola,
Jason Schwartzman & Kirsten Dunst, I also
have a slightly unhealthy obsession with
Marie Antoinette.
I can't help myself.

caroline seikaly


aquaa teen