Mwilson's Shop on Etsy is amazing to say the least.
These doors are just incredible.


Can I be her when I grow up?


Lykke Love

I LOVE her. End of story.


Can you imagine?

Vjones1 has the most amazing custom necklace ever!
I bought a dazzling dress from her awhile back.
What a great Etsy store. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!!!



I had to take a picture and reproduce it for photography class. Close enough?


Lounge Act.

I just want to get dolled up and lounge around on this rainy Friday.


Season 6 Is Here

Two of the designers on this season were at
Charleston Fashion Week and they were amazing.
I can only imaginehow they will do. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!


Lipstick, check.

What a cute idea. Where can I get it?


Wishful Dreaming

I wish I could just come home every night from a long day of work,
open the fridge, and see this magnificent sight! If only...


super 8

Super 8 - 1974 from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

Now, I've seen the hours upon hours worth of old super 8 videos that my dad has in is closet, but they never looked like this. This makes me want to edit them all right away!



On September 9th Vanessa Bruno's four-minute
short film, starring the illustrious Lou Doillon,
becomes available to the public.
Should be FANTASTIC!


If ever a present to me...

If you are ever wondering what you should get me if I deserve a present, this is it!

The ink calendar by Oscar Diaz, works by capillary action; sucking ink from the attached bottle, working one day to the next. Each month is coloured by different inks, representing the cold blue of winter and green of spring, through to the oranges, pinks and reds of summer and autumn.


Ben & Brooks

How cute are they?!
Congratulations kiddies.

Cat Torture

This is just so pitiful. My cat is exactly the same way.
He doesn't move but just cries out for help.


Denim Trend

I have seen denim everywhere lately. I think these
dresses below make denim that much hotter!


natural beauty

I wish I could be more one with nature and be so
naturally beautiful as these girls.

Photographer: Ewa-marie Rundquist