robin's-egg blue, lilac, and golden yellow

I love the shades of robin's-egg blue, lilac, and
golden yellow inspired by the work of Swedish ceramic
artist Stig Lindberg that Maurizio Pecoraro used. Pastels and
floral prints have been hitting a special place in my heart recently.

Found: Talulabelles

This is a mother and daughter duo in England who make
these really great finds. Really cute jewelry by Talulabelles.


Your Giving Me the Chills

I keep getting chills.

Path to Happiness

I had a lot of finals due on Monday and
they are slowly getting less and less.
By tomorrow, I am going to have a life again.


fast food diet

I checked my debit card and was horrified by these findings:

Pending 09/12 Chick-fil-a -$5.87
Pending 09/12 Quizno's -$8.60
Pending 09/13 Wendy's -$3.20
Pending 09/13 McDonald's -$3.65
Pending 09/14 Saladelia Cafe -$8.17
Pending 09/14 Saladelia Cafe -$6.24


Edge of Love

Bhook & I couldn't believe we had never heard of this movie the other weekend while scrolling through Movie's on Demand. What a gem! Both women look gorgeous as always.


Creative Rendezvous

I just need to sit down and be creative. That's my goal for this weekend!

Mile High

A mile high! Taken at Grandfather Mountain. Enjoy.


Visiting Ole Grandfather

We just trailed Grandfather Mountain today. How beautiful but very disturbing at the same time. You have to drive to the top, no walking trails go all the way up and it is way to busy with tourists and cars. They were building new buildings on the mountain for the visitors and soon enough, the views we saw will be a memory in the past. I hope they stop building and start preserving.




I'm just so tired.