out on the town

I'm about to get ready to go out on the town tonight.
Hope everyone has a very fun and safe weekend!


New BFF Holga

My new bff HOLGA took these pictures at school the other day! Love the black & white 120 mm film. I'm so used to using my digital SLR camera that the plastic, real film camera is so refreshing!


delightful weekend

Hopefully, I will have a peaceful and relaxing weekend with my husband.
I know that won't happen due to the insane amount of projects that I have
due this up-and-coming week. Even if it doesn't happen for us,
I hope you can have a delightful one with your significant other(s).


Circus tent

My father is in Florida right now and gets to see Circus de Soleil! I love the show, but I'm starting to miss the good 'ole Barnum and Bailey circus that used to come through town once a year.