4 a.m. binge drinking

Heavy eyeliner and greasy hair is OUT in my book!

It's okay to dye or bleach your hair, but we don't have to see your 2” roots that are 5 shades darker than your ends. I understand wanting to look like you don't have to put any effort into your appearance. I get that you don't care about your appearance or how you look, but common. You should not actually make yourself look worse in order to get the just rolled out of bed look. Girls today want to look like they go out every night and party it up. They are just making themselves look trashy. It’s one thing to actually stay up until 4 a.m. binge drinking and then not take a shower the following morning to keep that party animal look, but you don’t actually have to make yourself look like that on purpose.

I guess this was on my mind because I have a good friend who is in love with Mary-Kate Olsen. Everyone has watched her spiral and just go on an emotional roller coaster these past two or three years. She was dressing like she was depressed and out partying every night. That’s okay. She actually was. But now, it’s a fashion trend. Everyone is dressing like that on purpose. That’s just my opinion. I really do like Mary-Kate a lot, and I know she has been through a lot lately. But it’s not just her. I don’t know.



Do you like the greasy hair on purpose with 10 pounds of black eyeliner look as an everyday sort of fashion?